Stupid Hollywood…

So, I like Isaiah Washington. But more importantly, I like Preston Burke. As one of the most balanced characters on the show Grey’s Anantomy, of which i have not see all of season three living in Europe, he does a good job despite having to be the boy friend of a pretty bad actress.
But here’s the thing: Isaiah Washington was fired from his acting role at Grey’s Anatmony for supposedly making ‘gay slurs’. And yet, ABC doesn’t pay him to be Isaish Washington, they pay him to be Preston Burke. And, as an essential part of the team, Preston Burke makes Grey’s Anatomy real.
Now, as my friends would know, I am in no way condoning any sort of comments that Washington may have made, but what i am saying is that the company doesn’t pay him to be himself, they pay him to be someone else, but they are firing him for being who he is?
Does this not make sense to anyone else?
stupid hollywood….
ps. NBC, the rival station, is giving him another go on another show. You can see the details here.

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