Back in action…

After a few days offline, I am back now and beginning to reconnect myself. Lots has happened since i disappeared into a land without lots of wifi options that I have wanted to comment on or even discuss.
I hope to be able to address some of them in the next few weeks before the new school year starts back for us in Geneva. But be not alarmed, the blogging will increase here, as well at a couple of other places the next several months as I make new spaces for writing and the such.
Couple things I wish to comment on soon:
Rights: Civil, Human, Humane? (In light of the Micheal Vick trial)
Engage: Authentic Living in a Secularlized Culture as People who Deeply Love the Church and the Culture
God is Green and Slaves Exist
I also hope to be doing a reveiw of Brian McLaren’s new book entitled ‘Everything Must Change’ in a couple of weeks. You can pre-order the book here which is due out in stores on October 2.
Here is quick video of Brian reading from the new book. Good fun.

peace and grace for today…
joshua c