The Bealtes, Restoration Village, and Worship

I love music. It moves me. One of the earliest worship experiences I can remember moving me to dance was performed by the initiators of Restoration Village. Even today, bands like: U2, Coldplay, Matt Redman, the David Crowder Band, Iron & Wine, Alanis Morrisette, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Marley, and Miles Davis move me towards a deeper understanding of how infused song is with God’s dreams for creation.
A song which has most recently spoken to me has been the above Beatles’ track entitled ‘Let it Be’. Many of you will remember that while i was visiting Brussels I worked with the nuns of the Missionaries of Charity in the order of Mother Teresa. Indeed, their praying, waiting and calling to Mother Mary, and to Mother was deep and rich experience. It was calm. It was assuring. It hopeful. For some, such experiences and expressions of faith will be written off as trite, supersticious, or even pagan. Yet, some how, I wonder as Scot McKnight and others have more recently, if many within the protestant tradition haven’t written off Mary (or even the company of the saints) a little too quickly.
So what does this all have to do with anything? One of the things I long for is a rearticulation of song in the life of the Church which not only speaks with a clearly prophetic langauge, but that articulates God’s heart for redemptive change today. I long for songs which aren’t just those from an earlier generation (I am not knocking them, I love them too and come from their rich expressive history) but which wrestle with the issues of today in authentic ways.
This video shows something of what i think it might could look’s a wrestling…with real issues today…by artists of today…about the events of today…in the context of belief today that is from the ages.
What about you? Are you finding others who are wrestling with finding new song(s) for new faith? Can you share the links with others? Me?


4 thoughts on “The Bealtes, Restoration Village, and Worship

  1. i think in part it is about encouraging those with song writing talents to write music for their communities/contexts – the best example i can think of is matt redman’s “i’m coming back to the heart of worship” which was written at a time when soul survivor church had stopped their worship as the community was getting hooked on the music and not on worshipping God. Ironically of course lots of churches then adopted the song into their worship without any of that context at all…

  2. Thanks guys. Good thoughts Paul. And I agree, it was written in a specific context which is not the one most communities practice it in.
    Fernando- I’ll check it out!
    Thanks again…

  3. Also, what i am not proporting here is what is suggested by the movie ‘Dogma’, that we adopt new “WOW!” campaigns or “Buddy Jesus”.
    Just looking for authentic communal expressions.

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