Ok, really back now;)

Well, after a week of transitioning back and spending some good time with Laura, I am back to blogging. Though, you will hopefully see this site change a bit in appearance over the next few weeks as I tranisiton to a different blogging system.
And what would a return to blogging be on a Monday without a celebratory blog post about Tiger Woods‘ 2007 Major win? Well, it wouldn’t be a Joshua Case blog post;)
So, he did it. He took it to the course and to the players this weekend. After not leading during days one or two, Tiger Woods took the lead on day three and never looked back. Did I mention that Tiger is 13-0 in Majors when leading after the 3rd round and that this was the first event that his daughter was able to be there for? You can read more of the story here, or here. Well done Tiger.
From Tiger Woods to Brian McLaren (an easy jump for me), here is Brian’s next reading from his upcoming book entitled ‘Everything Must Change’. You can pre-order the book here.

Can’t wait till tomorrow. I have a couple of great thoughts by Thomas Merton I came across this week. They will jump off the page they were written today..but no, oh no, they were written in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
Just you wait;)
peace and grace for today….
joshua c