I am no Tiger Woods;(

Today i lost. I am finished for the season. I lost in my quater final match play match in the tournament. I have been competing good so far; however, I hav edelveloped a severe case of the ‘shanks’ which i can not get rid of. Maybe its spiritual;)
The only holes i lost against this 4 handicap were on ‘shank’ holes. I competed well. I feel good about it.
i could have won..till next season!

2 thoughts on “I am no Tiger Woods;(

  1. The only real hopeful fact is that only “good” golfers get the shanks! Weaken your left hand grip on all wedges and narrow the stance. See you next week!

  2. Thanks John! Looking forward to seeing you! Certainly sounds encouraging if thats what i need!!
    also, I lost 4&3. I one-putted several holes and he just kept matching me. Hit all but three fairways.
    looking forward to catching up!

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