Upcoming CNN Special and Greg Boyd

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I was already excited about this special put together over the course of the last year entitled, ‘God’s Warriors’. It looks and has the feel of a good Karen Armstrong book. Comparing and interviewing leaders and communities of Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam, Christine Amanpour looks at the way each of these religions seek to, as the advert implies, ‘deal with the fact that things have gone astray’..
I did not know who all was to be interviewed, and then Greg Boyd posted this message on his blog:
‘Multitudes of people around the country, and around the world, have grown concerned about the widespread fusion and confusion of faith and politics. Over the past several years, Greg has had many opportunities, through the media, to explain his perspective on the beauty of God’s kingdom, a kingdom that transcends partisan politics and always looks like Jesus, giving himself in loving service to all people.
Last spring, Greg was interviewed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour for the upcoming CNN special, God’s Warriors, which will be airing August 21-23. Greg’s segment in this documentary may turn out to be small, but CVM is excited for another opportunity to share our vision of the kingdom.
Check out the following link:

So I am not sure if you are to be around on August 21-23, but if you can, do plan to watch. Should be very interesting…

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