Elvis, America, and Bono

ht to maniac hispanic for this photo.
America loves their Elvis, but apparently the world does too. The Elvis brand continues to grow even as this week 75’000+ gather together at Graceland in Memphis Tennessee (USA) for a vigil in honor of his death, and life. It is estimated that Elvis has sold over 1 billion records. And the numbers just keep growing.
I am not sure how many other stars, or people, gather this kind of worship post-mordem. I am not sure how many others there are who did with their lives contribute to the evolution of their trade and who represent the tragedy of stardom like Elvis. Elvis was a pauper, who became ‘king’, who died a lonely man only to become immortalized as father to many in his death. Indeed, it could be said of Elvis, that in his dying he came even more to life. Maybe even, that it took his dying, for his influence on music and life to take root. Afterall, it is often only when people lose something, that the blessed unrest of its absence creates a searching for the truth that its presence possessed. As Jimmy Carter said, ‘When Elvis died, so did part of America’.
As for me, I’ll let St. Bono have the final say on Elvis: