Which theologian are you?

So, after seeing this on Nicholas’ blog and Andrew’s, I thought I would give it a test and see what came of it.
I am…Jurgen Moltmann. I think this is good;) I’m apparently also, Paul Tillich. So Nicholas, I’m with you;) The difference between the two hinged on one question about whether God was the foundation of being, though not existing, or whether God’s suffering made God more God. Effectively.
Who are you?
just for fun…

One thought on “Which theologian are you?

  1. This is why I am glad I am Moltmann:
    ‘ is the task of the Christian community to remind the civil community unceasingly, through word, act, and presence, of the righteousness and justice of God and of his coming kingdom. The church is not like a sect, separate, and there only for itself. It is there for all human beings, and for nature in this earthly creation. The future for which Christians hope is not the consummation of the church in the downfall of this world, nor the salvation of the redeemed at the world’s end; it is the kingdom of God, which will redeem everything and put all things to rights, the kingdom which will come “on earth as it is in heaven.”
    The church has no “public claim” for itself, but only for the cause of the kingdom of God it propounds. Its task is not to “churchify” the world but to prepare the way for the coming kingdom. There is no such thing as a nonpolitical Christianity…”

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