My life in song…this week

This is a song (Better Way) which is really connecting with my life right now…passionate…honest…visionary. People are looking for a better way. May we help them find it..even as we discover it. thanks Ben. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Thanks Nicholas

Nicholas gave me a heads up on this site. And he is getting to see this movie this weekend. As Napoleon would say, ‘LUCKY!!’ THANKS NICHOLAS. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

for the BIBLE tells me so

My friend Buddy sent me this link to this movie. Interesting. I had not heard of this film yet. Anyone else? wow… jc Tweet Send to Facebook

A new musical discovery for a new season

Later this week I will be blogging about Brian McLaren’s upcoming book, ‘Everything Must Change’. Like several others, I have been reading an advanced copy. wow. For now, I’ll just say wow. If you visit the new website Brian has developed for the release of this book (and more), you will find a link to […]

This winks for you….

(ht: Dogma) So, I can’t resist. It’s hilarious. Maybe pointless. But hilarious. I am joining in with Josh Brown and countless others to offer a wink to Mark Driscol. Though not I shalll wink, but Christ shall wink within me. Thanks Josh and Doug for the laugh you are having at this. It’s good to […]

iphone gets closer….YES!!!

The iphone is getting closer and closer!! England. Germany. YES! I can’t wait…and yes, I’ve been saving since the rumors!! HOP SUISSE! HOP SUISSE!! jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Doug P vs. J MacArthur- Yoga anyone?

Lammert told me about this video today. And while he did not give it the greatest review. I thought it was worthy of a post. Did others see this? Thoughts? All i know is, stretching is good for golf..and contemplative prayer is good for the soul. Anything else? jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Where does your faith lie?

Pete Rollins is a friend. More than just i read his books, he is a friend. And Ikon, the community he is a part of, its my community as well. Or at least i feel that way. Here is a poem written from that community, posted on their page here. Where does your Faith lie? […]

Tuesday is for Thomas

From ‘No Man is An Island’, by Thomas Merton: ‘I must go beyond the limits of my narrow egoism. In order to save my live, I must lose it. For my life in God is and can only be a life of unselfish charity. When Jesus said, ‘He that would save his life will lose […]

Shema Community Today.

Here’s a recap of today’s Shema gathering. We had a great time of being together. Opening Prayer: All: I should like a great lake of finest ale, for the King of Kings I should like a table of the choicest food, for the family of heaven. Let the ale be made from the fruits of […]