Thank you Treehugger for this article on ‘pee powered’ batteries!
Yes, they are available!!
“When we last looked at pee powered batteries, they were still experimental; now they are on the shelves in AA and AAA sizes in Japan. It can be recharged with a variety of liquids including urine and other precious bodily fluids, is supposed to last 10 years, and pumps out 500 milliamp-hours (mAh), which is equivalent to zinc-carbon batteries but a third of what an alkaline does.
Commenter Nick had a good idea in the last post: Imagine a Tesla filled with these. “Pile the family in, hook everyone up, and go. Oh, and cancel the old mantra of every parent, “Go before you go.” Now, you’ll load the kids up with as much kool aid as possible so that you’ll be able to go.”


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