Shema community, Geneva, and the poor

You can see the details about our upcoming gathering this Sunday here. We’ll be asking ourselves the question ‘are we missing the Bible’s thread when it comes to the poor?’ And reflecting about what it means to really be Christ in culture, among the poor of every kind.
Here is a video we posted on the Shema blog to get people thinking:

If you are in Geneva and able to help tomorrow am, we are helping a group called Voix Libres unload a shipment of quinoa for sale. They work on behalf of children working in the mines of Bolivia; a really tragic situation. If you are available, please drop me a line here so that I can give you the details for meeting to help unload this shipment. Basically, we need to help from about 10:00am until we get it unloaded (depending on how many of us there are, 2 hours+/-)
let me know..serve the world..