Tuesday is for Thomas


From ‘No Man is An Island’, by Thomas Merton:

‘I must go beyond the limits of my narrow egoism. In order to save my live, I must lose it. For my life in God is and can only be a life of unselfish charity.
When Jesus said, ‘He that would save his life will lose it, and he that would lose his life for my sake would find it’ He was teaching us the great truth that God’s will for us is, before all else, that we should find ourselves, find our true life, or our true souls. God’s will for us is not only that we should be the persons He means us to be, but that we should share in His work of creation and help him to make us into the persons He means us to be. Always, in all things, God’s will for me is that i should shape my own destiny, work out my own salvation, forge my own eternal happiness in the way he has planned it for me. And since no man is an island, since we all depend on one another, I cannot work out God’s will in my life unless I consciously help other men to work out His will in theirs. His will, then, is our sanctification, our transformation in Christ, our deeper and fuller integration with other men. And this integration results not in the absorption and disappearance of our own personality, but in its affirmation and its perfection’.
help each other…help yourself…create with God..