2 thoughts on “for the BIBLE tells me so

  1. Interesting… I find it maddening and completely understandable that they talk about how Christianity was used to oppress women, to support slavery, or to massacre “infidels” in the past, and then link that to the issue of homosexuality today. We have screwed up… a lot of times, and in serious, serious ways. But does that mean that every stance the church now takes is necessarily wrong? It’s a bad argument, but a compelling one for people looking for a reason to discount the voice of the church.
    And the balance… my reading of scripture makes it very clear that I am to love everyone, even (especially) the one who abuses me the most. It also tells me that God is holy, and that he has called his children to mirror that, and that he does not take sin lightly. Neither of these are optional in the faith laid out in the Bible: why can’t I find leaders who are willing to hold to both?

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