Brian McLaren’s New Book: A (Positive) Review

Tomorrow, Brian McLaren‘s new book gets released. Over the course of the last few weeks I have been working through it, or rather, devouring it and being challenged by the way it is forming the way i see the world.
Here are my thoughts, my plug, my endorsement:
In Brian McLaren’s newest book, Everything Must Change, Brian connects the dots of the days’ largest global crisis and shifts in global thinking with the heart of the message of Christianity. Brian’s careful weaving of story and reality happens in such a way that it will make everyone from his friends to his greatest critics pause and reflect.
In what maybe his most accessibly comprehensive work yet, Brian tells his story of wrestling with the nature Christianity as we have it today, and why it must not merely change, but learn to confront the ‘suicidal framing stories of our day.’
Whether you are new to Brian, read every one of his works, or a staunch critic…READ THIS BOOK!
Theologically, politically, spiritually, and economically this book might just be the straw that breaks the back of the camel of colonial, modern, daulistic thinking in every religion. Many who have left the church will read this book and again experience a revolution of hope welling up inside of them.
The message of Jesus as explored in Everything Must Change is good news for all who have the capacity to read and who choose to understand it. But maybe more importantly, it is GREAT NEWS for those who will experience this compassionate, loving, truth-telling, non-violent shift in their communities, in their families, and in their nations.
In the end, its simple: if what Brian puts forth is true, not only can everything change, but everything must change because of Jesus!
buy it, read it, share it!!

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