The Shuffle Challenge

So this is the challenge. Join me in a week of choosing to not choose.
I am of the opinion that in fact, from time to time, we need to not have the power to choose. That destiny, as it is, should choose for us. Or maybe it is God’s plan, or something else. But either way, let the shuffle decide!
So here is the challenge. Put your mac, or your ipod on ‘shuffle songs’. Let it decide what you listen to for one week starting tomorrow. Join me in the decision to not decide. To release the power to choose.
Are you up for it? Join me and lets see how our week goes; you know, what songs/podcasts match the rhythm of our weeks without our choosing. If you are up for it challenge others to do the same, and lets see what comes from this.
will you dare to shuffle?

2 thoughts on “The Shuffle Challenge

  1. yeah, well thats the deal yo..if the shuffle determines you ought to listen..then listen. if not…well it must not have been in the shuffle;)
    anybody else?

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