Remember, remember the 5th of November

Well, its the 5th of November. And while I would love to take the date out of the context which it has dictated it for years; however, I find that impossible, especially in light of all the friends I now have in the UK. What happened to Guy Fawkes and his mates, was wrong in many senses, but just in the eyes of others..i guess.
For the most, I guess I resonate more with what this movie, V for Vendetta is communicating. Things have gone a muck. Its a projection of the world returned to dictatorship to combat terrorism. Frighteningly real. And honest. It is a great film and the use of Guy Fawkes was extremely clever. What i hear in the speeches is a radical call for change and justice that makes good reasonable sense. While i don’t condone the means of acheiving it..the speeches are still good.
So remember today the freedoms you have and the ones that others don’t. Ask yourself whether you fight for the freedom and justice and fair treatment of all, or if you are more concerned about those just like you.
remember, remember the 5th of November…

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