The Return of SGCs…

That’s right, there are just too many seriously good conversations happening these days for me not to bring back the ‘SGCs’. The last one happened in August, and after a three month sabbatical, they are back.
I hope you enjoy these from this week. Good conversations..seriously good!
Adventures in Mercy’s ‘Defining Salvation (A Four Year Old’s Crisis)’
Ryan Dueck’s ‘Put Your Bibles Away?’
Leslie Treece’s ‘I’m Okay With It’
Greg Boyd’s ‘Why Sex is a Big Deal’
Josh Brown’s ‘The Consumptive Church: The Context For My Starting Point’
For those of you who prefer to listening/watching, here is one to listen:
via Prodigal Kiwi of Revd Canon Lucy Winkett
enjoy, engage, enlighten.

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