Why Won’t They Listen?

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The US is still ‘all talk’ and no…..well, no care, according to one group at the Bali climate conference. What is the deal?
Whether you are political or religious or humanist or capitalist or communist, one this is for certain, if you have no place to ‘be’ what ever it is that you ‘are’ will simply not matter. I can remember the days of sitting under classroom desks for fear of nuclear attack. I can remember going out into the hallways and practicing the ‘tornado drills’ for protection for violent storms. I can even remember loving ‘fire drills’ because it meant we got to leave class and gather outside, usually on good days, to prove we could get out in time to not be consumed. But what about today? What are we doing to prepare, encourage, and equip the next generation of young people to deal with the immanent threat of global warming if things don’t change?