Obama and King: A Call to Serve Justice

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A segment from one of the best speeches I have heard in a long time. Reminiscent of Dr. King, but set today. You may not be able to vote in the american elections, but you can hope for those who get elected. If you are like me, this is the kind of person I want leading the way to a different tomorrow.

This is a call to serve. This is a call for justice.
Not that I need to, but i have also attached the video of Dr. King’s famous, “I have a dream” speech. If you have never heard it, now is your chance. If you have never listened to the whole speech, do. It is one of the greatest speeches ever spoken in context. It is a call for change. It is a call for justice. You will be inspired!
And by the way, what is your dream?

dream on…and be the change of things!!!!

5 thoughts on “Obama and King: A Call to Serve Justice

  1. Good stuff. I wish he would speak like this in the debates, he seems like such a pushover in the debates, but he is a really inspirational speaker by himself.
    Though Kuccinich is my front runner.

  2. Aljer, is your website really buzzflash? I love that site.
    I will wait for the second choice for when it comes to that.

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