Seriously good conversations…

Here are a few SGCs from this week from around the globe. Thoughts on advent, politics, religion, and yes, family! Enjoy.
Jason Clark’s ‘Is there any ‘giveness’ to church anymore?’
Mike Clawson’s ‘Contextualization and Isolation: Then and Now’
Greg Boyd’s ‘Promiscuity and Terrorism’
Nicholas Fiedler’s ‘Advent for Agnostics’
Mike Todd’s ‘Too Close for Comfort’
Meghan Premo-Hopkins’ ‘Drinking makes me puke, cussing makes me studder…’
Becky Garrison’s ‘What Would Jesus Buy?’
Also, this week I would like to highlight Amahoro. Many of you will have heard of them and the gathering that they had last year in Uganda, but Amahoro is much much more than just a gathering. Check them out here, and do your best to get involved if you feel so moved. Here is a look at the new site! It looks great.
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