Forest Ethics’ “Naughty and Nice” List of Treekillers

Forest Ethics’ “Naughty and Nice” List of Treekillers
by Llyod Alter
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“It is only the 7th and we are tired of Christmas references. Now Forest Ethics has released its “naughty and nice” list with Sears coming in dead last.”In the nearly five years that we’ve been working to transform the environmental practices of the catalog industry, we have seen impressive results,” said Ginger Cassady of ForestEthics, adding that “Leaders like LL Bean and Victoria’s Secret prove that there is no reason why laggards like Sears cannot meet an environmentally sensible standard.”
From the press release:
Whereas only three companies–including Dell and Williams-Sonoma–achieved satisfactory scores in the 2005 scorecard, this year’s scorecard shows an emerging trend toward more sustainable practices, with the nine companies on Santa’s “nice list” now matching the nine on the “naughty list.”
Among the highlights:
* Naughty. With the release of its 188-page Wishbook catalog following a 13-year hiatus, Sears is growing more destructive to Endangered Forests at a time when forests, freshwater sources, and wildlife are most threatened. Sears gets a big lump of coal for its non-efforts this year, having done little to indicate that its 20th Century mindset will be reset for a 21st Century era of sustainable business.
* Nice! Patagonia has crafted a paper policy that backs up their reputation for savvy sustainability. They earn a caribou for each of the four criteria evaluated, which is fitting given what these policies will do for caribou whose Canadian Boreal habitat continues to be damaged by companies that don’t make the grade. ”

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