alive and traveling and in via…

Unexpectedly, Laura and I have made a trip to the US. We knew it was coming for the last couple of weeks, but now we are here. Atlanta. Birmingham. Oklahoma City. Tuscaloosa.
I don’t usually talk in detail about my ‘personal’ life on this blog for several reasons; however, I am going to briefly now. If you don’t want to read it, move on. If you are willing to allow me for just a few brief moments to share some things of more personal processing, then join me by reading on.
1. My grandmother- One of the most health conscious people I know. She worked as a dietician for patients in a mental hospital, drank milk every night, and made more than sure we all knew what we ought to be eating or not. When things like red bull and energy drinks came out, she let us know about their benefits and detriments. She took me to no less than three Billy G crusades and when i was making some really silly mistakes as a teenager, she took me off to Florida for some manual labor and clearing of my head. She just beat breast cancer, but now has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She is in ‘moderate’ stage i think.
2. My childhood friend- Brian and I were buds. We built forts together. We picked on our brothers together. We tormented the neighbors together. We rode quads together. This week my friend Brian entered into the final stages of the fight of his life. At the age of 29, with a wife and two kids, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Yeah, he had had it for years, but the doctors missed it. They called all the symptoms ‘the result of a good man working too hard without enough vacation!’ Brian was just sick. In the next couple of days they suspect Brian will die bodily. He remains in good spirits and well, has been telling stories about our childhood as if he forgot I still have to live on. All the secrets are out there…and thats ok. Laughter is good for the soul, but it doesn’t make it any better.
3. My great-grandmother- Banny, as they call her, is a piece of genuine history. She has lived on the farm all her life. She is been around for almost 100 years and though she is in the hospital with bleeding that people can’t seem to find the source. She of course, just wants to go back to the farm. In around 1986 when her husband died, they talked about putting her in an assisted living place. She refused, and she still refuses! She has her dogs, her cats, her birds, her chickens. And for now, she still has her health.
Transition in life is tricky. Sometimes you transition, sometimes its the others; however, all of life is transition. At one point I thought, ‘well this is just a season of transition and then it will be over.’ Then another transition came along and I thought..’oh another transition, I know how to handle this.’ Then it ends, and out of no where, another one or a different kind begins..and I think..’hmmm is this just Geneva?, Or is all of life really just a transition?’
For now, that is where I will rest and have to rest. All of life is transition and the key is knowing how to find your peace and stability in the swirling tide of events that happen all the time. It’s weird to have these three key people occupying this transitional space in my heart, mind, and life at this point. In some way they all shaped me or were/are part of the stories i have told and will continue to tell.
i’m sure i’ll process more on this in the next few months and weeks. Heck, I’m sure there will be something of this at the heart of lots of posts over the course of a lifetime. After all, if we don’t process transition, it just happens to us and shapes us and then….takes us.
travel light. love well. laugh more.

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  1. sorry i’ll miss you this year. give me a call if you can i’ll email you my new #. to the Almighty my friend.

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