UPDATE + Home in Geneva….shortly

Laura and I just returned to GVA. We are starting to wake up from naps in time to think about having a quiet new year’s evening together. I am so very much looking forward to talking to friends we’ve missed while being away. Meanwhile, I leave on Wednesday for Oxford and on Monday for a staff retreat till the 10th.
I’ve missed this space but am looking forward to being re-connected to things out here in the blogosphere. By way of an update since my last post: Brian, my friend, died about three hours after my post. My great grandmother is out of the hospital and home. And my grandmother did remember both Laura and I. Granted, she thought it was July, nevertheless, it was good to see her and to spend some time on the golf course with my 78 year old grandfather. Yes, he still kicks my butt!
Must also comment that on our way out of Atlanta, we got the chance to see Josh and Anna Brown. We’ve been friends out here for a while. We’ve ichatted, we’ve interacted on matters of life and faith and ecetera, but this was the first time we met face to face. It was like being with good old friends. Not to mention, Josh has a wii. And maybe he will confirm i am a wii natural. Bowling. Golf…what fun!
glad to be back. stories to come. happy new year! Especially if you are a rat.

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