Seriously Good Conversations

Here is a conversation close to my heart. Paul Mayers posted it over at The article, entitled, ‘Creating community through interfatih conversation and interaction?’ has quite a few comments already. The post briefs readers on a new initiative by the government in the UK and asks a few small questions.
How about you? How have you experienced the creation of community via interfaith dialogue/action? Is this something your faith community values? Have you seen a workable model for interfaith partnership that allows for the distinctiveness of each to be celebrated?
And here is an article by Cynthia Nielson posted to the church and postmodern culture blog entitled, ‘Embodied Human Beings and Our Gravitation Towards Ceremony and Ritual’. Good stuff to ponder…
Finally, one of my 2007 band discoveries, The Cobalt Season‘s Ryan Sharp with a recent post entitled, ‘Fighting a Different Kind of Terrorism’
for unity..for humanity…for God….