Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few ‘SGCs’ from this week:
1. Jemila on “Gay-ness, Gluttony, & Godly Love”
2. adventures in mercy’s “The Prodigal Son Meets Limited Atonement (Why I’m not a Calvinist)”
3. Rogier’s “Tall Skinny Kiwi in Amsterdam”In particular, note what Andrew is doing on his island;). This is missional community!?
4. Josh Brown’s “The Consumptive Church: Appeasing The White Man’s Guilt”.
5. gathering in light’s “Four Models of Emerging Churches”. HT Mike Clawson
And once again, to re-post something i posted earlier this week, you must check out The Story of Stuff.
This is interesting to watch! Following the story of stuff from ‘extraction’ to ‘disposal’, this 20 minute video is quite interesting. Here is a teaser video:

(HT to Lammert and Nuno.)
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