Rainbows in a time of transition.

As many of you will have heard by now, Laura and I are in the middle of a transition. In October of last year, we announced that this would be our last year working with YFC Geneva in all of its expressions.
At this time I wanted to ask you to remember us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to process what this season of transition means for us. There have been good days and bad days. There have also been long days and long nights during this journey; however, we trust that we will not remain confounded. In fact, we have learned to now, more than ever, to look for the signs of the coming spring in the everyday ordinary bits of life.
We’ve had great friends and support around us during this time. We have not been alone. But the journey is not over yet; no, there is still more to come.
Yesterday, the old books reading took me through the narrative of Noah. It started the narrative of the flood and the preparations that Noah had completed. As the reading ended, the earth was beginning to flood. As the story goes, Noah and the animals were safe. Noah, it seems, had found favor with God.
As I left the house yesterday, I honestly was wishing I had read the portion about the rainbow. You know, when the storm was over, and the rainbow appeared as a sign that such would never happen again. That the worst was over. After my morning meeting with my friend Lammert, I was headed to our Coppet office when I looked up and there was in front of me, a big bright rainbow. I laughed. I laughed. I laughed. Maybe there were a couple of tears in there too.
No, the transition is not over, not yet. But, at least there are encouraging signs along the way that remind us that we are headed in the right direction.
Thanks for your prayers and thoughts and encouragement. I’ll keep you updated here in weeks to come as we sort through things.
With every blessing-
joshua (and laura too)