Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few good ones from last week which I didn’t publish while I was away:
Jason on ‘Taxonomy’
Paul at on ‘Church as the original 3rd place?’
Ariah on ‘Faulty Logic Leads to Lapse in Judgement at Trying to follow’
LoFi on ‘Consuming Jesus and Moving Beyond Race and Class 2’
Eileen the Episcopalifem on ‘The “How Privileged Were You” Meme’
Also, starting this week, I’d like to start making book recommendations. The book for this week: The Evangelical Universalist. Jason Clark has blogged about it here. I blogged about it here.
And if you have over an hour to invest in listening to Thomas Friedman, Al Gore, and Bono, check out this video from the World Economic Forum:

happy reading, watching, meme-ing…

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