Feb 29: A Day of Hope and Re-Ordering

Leap Years are funny things. They appear, and they disappear. They show up every so often, and then they don’t. The story behind the reason of ‘why’ we have leap years is slight more important that we know when they are coming. So why do we have leap years? According to Wikipedia,“A leap year (or […]

No End In Sight: An Event for Barack Obama

In the next couple of months (time to be determined but most likely April 27) Geneva for Obama is going to be hosting a fund-raising event where we show the movie No End in Sight. If you haven’t heard of or seen this film, make sure to watch the above trailer and check out the […]

Podcasting Deep Church

As you may be aware, I am one of the interviewers for the Nick and Josh Podcast. There are going to be several very exciting interviews coming out that I have done recently over the next few months. Interviews with all sorts of people about faith, international development, soul care, and deep church. However, if […]

Tuesday is for Thomas

Here are a few quotes by Merton that I have been reflecting on lately: “The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” “The truth that many people never […]

In Case You Missed It: Make That 11 for Obama!

Barack Obama has won the international primary!! In Geneva, according to Democrats abroad, he won something like 78%-22%. Overall in the global primary he won 65%-32% for Clinton. Here is a longer piece on it. Make That 11 for Obama By BRIAN KNOWLTON WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama won his 11th straight nominating contest on […]

Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton wrote: “I don’t know what I have really written that I could call mine, or what i have prayed or done that was good that came from my own will. Whose prayer made me pray again to God to give me grace to pray? I could have fought for years by myself to reduce […]


Which Lost Character Are You?Created by BuddyTV So, Josh Brown and Leslie Breen’s fascination with Lost is creeping in on me. James Hill started it all when he stated something to the effect that Season one was what he was going to use for teaching his confirmation class. And in fact, I think he did. […]

Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few SGCs from this week. Do enjoy and engage: Progression of Faith’s ‘Is Emergent Christianity DOA?’ Preludium’s ‘Beating up the Archbishop is just the beginning’. Greg Boyd’s ‘A Bono Looking Church?’ benedson’s ‘Sacremental Missiology’. Also, make sure you check out Josh Brown’s series entitled, ‘Challenging the Critiques of Emergent’. In terms of […]

The No Asshole Rule: A review and some tips

Here is a review and some tips about assholes from world business specialists Guy Kawasaki. Kawasaki writes of Robert Sutton’s book: “You have to like an author who has the testicles (or ovaries) to walk away from Harvard Business School Press because it wouldn’t let him use the word “asshole” in his title. (HBS Press […]