Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few goodies from this week:
Molleth’s ‘Reforming Behaviour Through Law’.
Jason Clark’s ‘Who are the poor?’
Maggi Dawn’s ‘Lent 2008’.
Boxologies’ ‘Temples, Christendom, and the Kingdom of God (or why P’s and G’s is keeping me awake)’.
John Doyle’s comment on entitled, ‘Old (and New?) Testament framing story’.
Finally, Benjamin’s entry at Justice and Compassion entitled, ‘Can’t we at least f&*(^ng be allowed to know their names?
In terms of a book recommendation for this week, check out the book The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture by Shane Hipps. If you haven’t already read this one, you will certainly want to. It an exploration and application of many of communication prophet, Marshall McLuhan‘s works. I think it is one of the most comprehensive pieces on how we can better understand communication in faith, and faith in communication. If, as McLuhan suggest, ‘the medium is the message,’ then we have some (re)thinking to do!
Last, and certainly not least, the video of the week for many people is ‘Yes, We Can!’ If you haven’t seen it already, now is your time. And remember, this is about more than just who will be the next American president. It is about who we can hope to be as a global village.

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One thought on “Seriously Good Conversations

  1. Hey Joshua,
    Thank you for the link. Have you seen the spoof of the above video yet? It’s called “”. Pretty funny and scary.
    I got in trouble with a few people over the “f*&(^ng”, so I had to remove it. Probably a good idea over all, I guess =).

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