So, Josh Brown and Leslie Breen’s fascination with Lost is creeping in on me. James Hill started it all when he stated something to the effect that Season one was what he was going to use for teaching his confirmation class. And in fact, I think he did.
Josh took the test here, and so, I thought I’d try. The book question almost threw me. You may also remember my brush with Lost star ‘Ethan’ at Pub Quiz in Geneva.
Which Lost character are you?
just for fun…

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  1. Hi- this is going to be a random question but here goes…. I’m looking to get in touch with Leslie Treece and I noticed she was on your blog from a while back. I got a MYSPACE message that they were moving to Australia- do you know if this is true? She did my wedding last May and I just wanted to get ALL my wedding pics before she gets too far away. Thanks in advance!

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