Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton wrote:
“I don’t know what I have really written that I could call mine, or what i have prayed or done that was good that came from my own will. Whose prayer made me pray again to God to give me grace to pray? I could have fought for years by myself to reduce my life to some order, yet I would have slowly eaten myself out, I think. But someone must have mentioned me in some prayer; perhaps the soul of some person I hardly remember-perhaps some stranger in a subway, or some child-or maybe the fact that someone as good as Lilly Reilly happened to think I was a good guy served in prayer-or the fact that Nanny might have said my name in her prayers moved the Lord God to send me a little grace to pray again or, first, to begin reading books that led me there again-and how much of it was brought on by the war? These things are inscrutable and I begin to know them better when I can write them down. How many people have become Christians through the prayers of Jews and Hindus who themselves find Christianity terribly hard? We cannot know all the movements of Christ’s grace.”
pray for someone today in your traditional way, with your traditional voice, as the Spirit leads…