Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a couple of really good ones. And though they are not as many as usual, believe me, there is plenty of reading and thinking in these!!
From Jason Clark’s hosted ‘hell week‘: Evangelical Universalism- Oxymoron? by Gregory MacDonald; Kevin’s The compatibility of universalism and orthodox Christian faith..?; and Justin’s “whether a doctrine (of universalism) is ‘evangelical’ or not is entirely secondary to whether it is biblical or not…”.
From make sure to check out his ongoing series entitled ‘Challenging the Critiques of Emergent’.
Inhabitatio dei’s ‘The Ethics of Complicity’.
Pete Rollins’ ‘Forgiveness, Part 2’.
Adam Walker Cleveland’s ‘Responses to Pluralism’.
As per a good listen this week, in case you missed it, make sure to check out my interview with Jason Clark on Deep Church. It is part one of two. So if you like this one..wait till you hear the next one!!
Book recommendation of the week: James Fowler’s Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning. Over the course of the last six months or so I have found myself returning to this book quite a few times after conversations with people. The book is very accessible and enables the reader to truly consider the way faith shapes life, and the way life stages shape faith. If you struggle with why communication or dialogue about faith seems so difficult with some people and so easy with others, maybe there is something in this book for you. Of course, for some of you, the idea that we can explore the stages of faith in the context of human development makes your skin crawl and, well, you will probably not even think about picking it up. If that is you, its ok. But you must know, the book talks about you as well;)
Happy reading, and have a great week…