Tuesday is for prayers…

On Sunday at Holy Trinity we had a rich period of prayer. These were the ones that were offered publicly. I thought I would share them with you. They were rich!
From “Women’s Uncommon Prayers”
Ever-present God, Mother, Father,
You call us on a journey to a place we do not know.
We are not where we started.
We have not reached our destination.
We are not sure where we are or who we are.
This is not a comfortable place.
Be among us, we pray.
Calm our fears, save us from discouragement,
And help us to stay on course.
Open our hearts to your guidance so that our journey to this
Unknown place continues as a journey of trust.
Mother, Father, we come to you.
The Revd. Canon Kristi Philip
Gracious God, Mother, Father, who knit our inmost parts before we were born, and who shelters us with a strong and gentle hand, in our gratitude receive the prayers we offer of thanksgiving for the unity we share through our death and resurrection in Jesus Christ, that we who have been entrusted with the gift of new life, may bring life to the world and renewed hope to your church.
Mother, Father, we come to you.
For the courage to hold fast o the high ideals of our calling, bringing the lamp of charity to those who live in despair and desperation, and through their cries receive the saving grace that enlightens our ministry.
For a renewed sense of the Body of Christ, the Church, that together with our Bishop and all other ministers, we may rededicate ourselves in the unity of the Triune God.
Mother, Father, we come to you.
For the forgiveness of our sins, that the wounds that we inflict on one another in the name of righteousness may be healed by the Divine Life that overcomes human frailty.
Mother, Father, we come to you.
Prayers written for the House of Bishops Conference in San Diego, California, Sept. 1999
For peace for those who have died:
We commend to you, Lord, Mother, Father,
Our souls and bodies,
Our minds and our thoughts
Our prayers and our hopes,
Our health and our work,
Our life and our death,
Our families and friends
Our neighbours and all people,
This day and always
Mother, Father, we come to you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing–these are wonderful prayers. I enjoyed praying them as I read.

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