Seriously Good Conversations

Sorry to have been away this week. I was in Athens Greece for a basketball tournament. We did alright, but not top three;)
The Passion of the Iraqi Christ (by Shane Claiborne)
Per Caritatem’s ‘Part 1: Hobbes’ Philosophy and Politically Motivated Biblical Exegesis’
Dueck’s ‘Love and Knowledge’
Katharine’s ‘Christianity, Gender Roles, and Wife Swapping’ at
Greg Boyd’s ‘A Discussion with Chuck Colson and Shane Claiborne’. I have to admit, I think it waould have been an even catchier post if it had been titled, ‘A Discussion with Chuck Norris (i mean Colson)…’ Just think it would have made a better title;)
Finally, for this week, I thought I would gift you a link I picked up from Jason Clark’s site on ‘The Hermeneutics Quiz’. As you can see from below, I scored 86, which makes me a progressive. How about you? How do you read and understand the Bible? Take the quiz here.