Theme Songs from Pilgrimage

Laura and I were perplexed, and at times, amazed by the songs that we would think about through the day. Yet, over the course of the time, there were a few songs that kept coming up. Songs which we would find ourselves singing over and over at the same time.
In a weird way, a song which kept on coming to me everyday, generally at the beginning when we would set off with our friends and fellow peregrino/as, was the theme song from The Wizard of Oz (the one that starts about minute: 1:20). Talk about a story of pilgrimage. Now don’t get me wrong, for those of you who know me well, there is more to this song, and story, than meets the ear.
The Indigo Girl’s song entitled, “Closer to Fine”
Ben Harper‘s “Better Way”

O Brother Where Art Thou’s “Down to the River to Pray”. (Again wait till minute 1:20)

U2’s (yes there had to be one of those) “Walk On”

And finally, the number one most repeated song in via…Ben Harper and the Blind Boys from Alabama in “Shall Not Walk Alone”.

Now you have heard some of the songs, soon to come…some of the images…
keep walking today…