Children of Men…again!

Last night I watched the movie Children of Men again. Every time I watch it, something new comes to me about the film and about the way the movie speaks so graphically with wisdom about the folly and tragedy of our age.
One of the things which I discovered on the DVD after this watch however, was a short film done by director Alfonso Cuarón entitled “The Possibility of Hope”. It was hidden with the extras. In it he has numerous philosophers, scientists and futurists giving commentary on the film. One of the most notable voices, at least to me, was Slavoj Zizek. Throughout the years, my friend Peter Rollins and others over at the church and postmodern culture have engaged with Zizek’s teaching and thoughts. So for me, it was a fun find.
Below is part one. There are two more parts online: Part Two, Part Three.

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To quote Zizek from part three, “The magic is to turn a desperate situation into a new beginning.”
have hope?