WOW…One word…WOW..

So, I was looking for a Coldplay video on YouTube to play along with yesterday’s blog post, and I came across a very peculiar version of ‘Fix You’. It wasn’t sang by the band, but rather, by a rather elderly man with back-up elderly singers. Then, I searched a little and found the trailer for […]

Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few SGC’s: Kester Brewin’s ‘Clinton Defaults to Conflict‘. Pete Rollins’ ‘The Leader is Needed to Refuse the Leadership’. Josh Brown’s ‘The Indian Taxi Fund Update’. Coke is in Trouble concerning Dafur!! Science Blog’s ‘Does counting your blessings matter?’ God’s Politics ‘Is Social Justice a Distraction?’ Jesus Manifesto’s ‘Buddist Follower of Jesus?’ Ryan’s […]

The day after…

As expected, Hillary pulled off the win last night. But this concession speech by Barack still inspires and still says to the country and to those who want change, there is hope! on to indiana and north carolina in two weeks time!! jc Tweet Send to Facebook

One more time…for Obama!

So, before I go to bed, and on the eve of not knowing how the Pennsylvania primary finished. Here are a few more Barack goodies. Jay-z’s endorsement from Ohio: And Barack’s recent speech with motions which some say were inspired by the Jay-z song included: or this one: And finally, in case you wondered why […]

Oh dear…too far?!!

I came across these videos which indicate that things are really getting out of control. Vying for the WWE vote? Hil-ROD? Jeez. It is a bit hilarious. Really hilarious! And here is the virtual bout… God what a country! jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Tuesday is for Thomas, the Earth, and Obama

In honor of Earth Day 2008, I have decided to post one of Merton’s poems. In case you missed that today was Earth Day, as if everyday shouldn’t be, you can read more about what others are doing here. Of all earth days, I also suspect this is an important one. There is a perfect […]

Britain Got talent…again.

You may remember me blogging about this video earlier about Britain Got Talent‘s Paul Potts. Amazing. Well, there may be another Potts yet. Check out this short video about Andrew Johnston. Who knows? He could be next!! enjoy… jc ps. In case you missed it, and want to make fun of it, or cheer it, […]