Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton wrote:
“The misdirectedness, the folly, the inanity of all that seeks anything but this great return (to the Father), the whole meaning and heart of all existence. The absurdity of movements, of the goals that are not ultimate, the purposes that are “ends of the line” and, therefore, do not even begin.
To return is not to “go back” in time, but a going forward, a going beyond. To retrace one’s step is nothing is nothing on top of nothing, vanity of vanities, a renewal of the same absurdity twice over, in reverse.
To go beyond everything, to leave everything and press forward to the End and to the Beginning, to the ever new Beginning that is without End. To obey Him on the way in order to reach Him in Whom I have begun, Who is the Way and the End- (the Beginning).”
return…don’t go back…