That we might all remember

Today is an important day in history. Maybe its just an American history, but I dare to think it not. Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have blogged a few times before about Dr. King and his pursuit of the dream for equality for Blacks in the South. And make no mistake, Dr. King’s life, legacy, and liturgy lives on the hearts and minds of many Americans and internationals still seeking that equality of life and space worldwide.
Today, I would like to suggest that we take this anniversary as an opportunity to remember a few things about the pursuit of dreams and justice. To remember things that we might forget in our daily routine for survival. Often, I find I need spaces to remember things, or else I get lost inside the bubble of my present circumstances and miss the bigger picture of what is really going on in the world.
My hope is that we would use today as an opportunity to remember:
1. That we must take advantage of the opportunities that come to us to stand up for justice or equality or goodness as they happen in real time. Far to often I hear myself and others declaring the need to be just, or to do what is right, or to create change in the world, but then when the chances pop up in the everyday, we miss them. Change begins in the now, not in the possibility of a big moment in the future.
2. That you never know how radical and world-altering your dream might be, until you share it with the community around you.
3. That success never actually equates to a long life of happiness.
4. That as agents of justice bent on plotting goodness, we must in all of our efforts seek to shine a light on the dark places where inequalities still exist in every society, system, and structure.
One more time, because it matters, here is the famous “I have a dream speech” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

remember well. be the change, now.

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