Tuesday is for Thomas

I realize I have yet to really write about our pilgrimage and life on the Camino. It’s a time thing, and for this, I apologize. However, as I was reading Merton this week, I came across a few lines he penned about an Easter Vigil he attended. It reminded me of the one we attended at Santiago. Powerful experience. Very rich.
Merton writes:
“The power of the Easter Vigil liturgy in part stems from the fact that so many vestiges of primitive nature rites are included and sanctified in it. Mystery of fire and mystery of water. Mystery of spring: Ver sacrum. Fire, water, and spring made sacred and meaningful theologically by the Resurrection of Christ, the new creation. Instead of stamping down the force of new life in us (and turning it into a dragon), let it be sweetened, sanctified and exalted, a figure of the life of the Spirit which is made present in our heart’s love by the Resurrection.”