Facebook in Reality!!

So I came across this today. In case you wondered what facebook in reality would be like, check this out. Oh, and its set in the UK. So the humor reflects it;) peace… jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Loads of lasts..

Please indulge this personal journal. I need the space and community for it;) As you will have read before, Laura and I are currently in the final stages of a transition from Geneva to Atlanta. It is a truly bitter sweet period for us. This week especially is turning out to be full of several […]

Dinner with the Arch

Last Tuesday, Laura and I were privileged enough to be able to have dinner with our friend Canon Ted Karpf, the rest of his ‘family in Geneva’ and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Laura and I were by far the youngest of the crew there, but we had a great time with the Arch, Mthunzi, and the […]

Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few SGCs from this week. Do enjoy! Desmond Tutu Urges Governments to Do Better for World Healthcare Justice and Compassion’s ’10 Years’ Next Reformation’s ‘missional vulnerability’ UNICEF seeks additional funds to aid children affected by Ethiopia‚Äôs growing food crisis Shane Claiborne’s blog at God Politics entitled ‘Holy Mischief: 40 Years after the […]

Bubble Wrap for adults with computers!

As a kid, my siblings and I almost aways fought over the bubble wrap. There was something about the popping and such that was just addictive. We loved it. If you were one of those too, check this out. Or, if you are in Japan, look for a Puchi Puchi: hehe… jc Tweet Send to […]

Obama sets record in Portland

Obama recently set a record in Portland, Oregon USA while speaking to 75’000 people!! Read the rest of the story here. Also, in case you wondered what today could mean for the Obama campaign, and the never-ending bid for the democratic nomination, David Plouffe writes: We’re poised to reach a major milestone tomorrow. When the […]

Newest Podacast Interview is Available

The most recent podcast is up at The Nick & Josh Podcast. Make sure to check out this interview with the Rev. Michael French. I promise, from a development and advocacy stand point, you won’t meet a sharper guy! Keep watch for other upcoming transnational interviews with Canon Ted Karpf, Pete Rollins and Kester Brewin! […]

My Beautiful Idol: A Review in Brief

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading through My Beautiful Idol by Pete Gall. As one of the book-bloggers for The Ooze, I can honestly say that I was delighted to have received this book. With a coy and fresh sense of personal awareness, Gall writes a delightful book about his journey from the […]

Thoughts on Service, Farming and Intention

Here are a few thoughts I’ve been having lately: By serving others we create space for faith by trusting that somehow by putting ourselves aside, we dismiss the power in the foolishness of today’s predominant paradigm that says ‘you are all that matters’. Yet, as we are each stewards of the mysteries of God, we […]

Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few good conversations, or conversation starters from this week. There are three from the church and postmodern culture blog: Geuss on Rorty: Pragmatism and (as?) Americanism; Zizek, and the danger of Obama for the American church; Carl Raschke on Incarnational Ecclessiology Pete Rollins ‘More things Please’ Jonathan Stegall’s ‘Pentecostals and revival’ Fr. […]