Seriously Good Conversations

Here are a few SGC’s:
Firstly, let me highlight this Blogalogue between NT Wright and Bart Ehrman concerning pain and suffering. Is our pain God’s problem? If God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow so much suffering? These kinds of questions—sometimes called the problem of theodicy—have long bothered believers (in Christianity) and nonbelievers (of Christianity) alike. These questions are especially pressing now as we face the AIDS pandemic, widespread hunger, and environmental degradation—not to mention the grief that humans can cause one another. Make sure to check it out here.
Paul Mayer’s ‘Jesus- the stud of God…’
Mental Floss’ ‘Why can’t your tickle yourself’
Justice and Compassion’s ‘Does Anyone Want to Hear?’
Common Grounds Online ‘The Church and Social Reform’
You may be aware that there is a major food crisis going on around the world. Mike Todd has been keeping things updated on his blog. I know there are lots of others blogging about it. But Mike is a trustworthy source with a reflection on what we can do to make a difference.
enjoy this weekend.

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