Something sick and something funny

So, I was looking for a video about this crazy story where someone left a dead deer at a petrol station in the US with a sign that read: ‘lower gas prices, the humans are taking it out on us’. Pretty sick stuff.
Then, I found this. I’m sorry, but it is funny! And the two guys who did the prank, host a show called, The Man Show. On the whole, not the most wholesome of tv shows. Well, not even really in part. But, when your slot is 3am, what can you expect. Check this out.

did you laugh? at least at some parts?

One thought on “Something sick and something funny

  1. Here in the states, that show used to be on sometime in the 9pm or 10pm range. It was a hit until the two guys went on to do different shows and they replaced them with two less entertaining individuals. Thanks for that clip… classic.

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