Good Ol’ Georgia!

Well, there are a few reasons to look forward to moving to Georgia. Signs, be they on churches or bars are just one of them. Say the funny one above for instance. You can read the whole story here, including the bit about the below t-shirt for sale which the owner of the store thought was cute, and not racist at all. This is one of the reasons to not look forward to the move!
what a country…
in case you missed it, ‘OJ’ is referring to OJ Simpson who was accused and acquitted of killing his wife. However, there is still a large percentage of the American population who believe he did kill her and got away with it.

One thought on “Good Ol’ Georgia!

  1. Hey man, where abouts do you live? I know exactly where Mulligan’s is… I’m not too far from there. They are the ones with the Krispy Kreme burger.

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