A Perfect Storm for Change in America: And this post is not about Obama!

Things are about to change in America, and I am not talking about things related to Obama.
The Gas/Petrol crunch-
not only are people going to quit driving farther for groceries and work, but this will provide the perfect opportunity for small business expansion. Small businesses which are based in a local context. A true return to the neighborhood?
The Employment crunch-
The Food crunch-
Things you can do to prepare:
Consider buying local- you’re already paying more, so buy healthier less processed foods.
Consider investing in urban center real estate or at least moving closer to where you work.
Petition (Not for lower fuel prices) for Better, Safer, Cleaner Public transportation systems. Give your city planners a vision that they can aspire to. Sure, it is going to cost the tax payers money, but if fuel prices are going to stay relatively high for the next 8-10 years, then by then, we can invest in real change that is cleaner, safer, and that reduce the oil addiction America is so well known for.