Thoughts on Service, Farming and Intention

Here are a few thoughts I’ve been having lately:
By serving others we create space for faith by trusting that somehow by putting ourselves aside, we dismiss the power in the foolishness of today’s predominant paradigm that says ‘you are all that matters’. Yet, as we are each stewards of the mysteries of God, we serve not because by doing so we demonstrate that we have faith, but because it is our duty, our pleasure, our place as humans interconnected to a global ecosystem.
Acts of service are in many ways like acts of farming. For the most part, they are committed, and only small and momentary changes are experienced. For those who receive the service and aid of others, the relief is profound and often greatly appreciated. Yet longer are the days of service through which little seems moved, or through which the servant experiences the joy of transformation.
But who is to say which actually has had the most profound effect? Does not the harvest arrive after months of growth and watering and waiting? And a good film or book from months of hard work and editing?
Such it is with the movements of service in faith. That in their sowing, one intends that goodness should inhabit the space where injustice is present. That truth comes to life where deceit currently lives. That hope and peace will become alive where death and rupture dwell. But be not mistaken, these growths and hopeful transformations are not our doings, but our mere-intendings. What actually comes when they actually come, or how they come, are not merely up to the elements and the servants themselves, but also to the God of creation.
For in the space between planting, care-taking, watering, hoping, and waiting, Creator makes growth occur. For in the space between intentional action and harvested result exists ages of divine and natural interaction. Or maybe they are one in the same?!
What have you sown?
Where have you hoped?
For what do you wait?
How have you watered?
Trust. Wait. Act.
joshua case