My Beautiful Idol: A Review in Brief

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading through My Beautiful Idol by Pete Gall. As one of the book-bloggers for The Ooze, I can honestly say that I was delighted to have received this book.
With a coy and fresh sense of personal awareness, Gall writes a delightful book about his journey from the heights of the marketing world, to the church. And while I won’t tell you where he ends up, I will tell you that if your faith journey has included bad break-ups, humiliating conversations with yourself, great vulnerability when it comes to family, and a wrestling with the cheekiness of some faith expressions, then you will find your story is deeply connected to Pete’s.
I would articulate, however, that while the book is well written and engaging for someone who is able to understand their life in the context of a journey of faith, it is written for people within that sort of a context. I found myself asking if people who would not identify with faith, or God, would actually get what Pete was saying, or if they would at times struggle with what appears to be an over-fascination with what God seems to be inflicting him. No, Pete is not a woe to me kind of guy, but his book is written as a memoir of one who has and continues to wrestle with God. It is a wrestling that many who come from a theistic worldview will feel at home with; however, for those from an other-than-theistic to atheistic worldview, it may just seem like too much “god talk.”
On the other hand, I can honestly say that I laughed and cried multiple times in reading this book. In many ways, Pete’s story and my story are very very similar. The questions he asks, the whimsical nature of his processing, the raw authenticity of his narrative, and the oh-so-often Meet the Parents kind of drama that occurs is sure to keep all readers waiting for what is next.
Check out Pete’s book here. You can also pick it up from Amazon here.
Enjoy the read. And do give it a shot.
Joshua Case
Geneva, Switzerland
May 2008