Loads of lasts..

Please indulge this personal journal. I need the space and community for it;)
As you will have read before, Laura and I are currently in the final stages of a transition from Geneva to Atlanta. It is a truly bitter sweet period for us.
This week especially is turning out to be full of several lasts. For starters, it is the last time I’ll be on campus at any of the international schools. Next, I attended my last board meeting with YFC Geneva last night. I took my leave before the meeting ended, and well, that is that. Finally, we will be having a final team outing and student party this weekend.
Yes, change is in the air as is the genuine transition from one physical place to another. We’re not sure what all the next season will have for sure, but we’re excited for the space between knowing and doing.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week if you don’t mind.

2 thoughts on “Loads of lasts..

  1. Mr. Case…
    …when you arrive in Atlanta, if reasonable for you, I’d welcome having your numbers (phones, address, etc.) from there
    …and on the if/when you are ever in Denver, count on a good, long meal for some conversation
    …I know these are hard and blessed moments as you exit there
    …and arrive over here
    …count on my continuing prayers

  2. Josh,
    All I can say is I know how you feel … I am doing exactly the same at work at the moment but I also know it is good to enjoy the lasts and to process them and more importantly to celebrate the blessings God has given us,
    But then you taught me to process so you know that!
    God Bless you as you prepare to move on.

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