Last year engaGE Geneva was all the rave. International people in the Geneva community coming together to learn the art of blossoming where you are planted. This year the engaGE has a new range of projects for people to participate in. If you are interested in participating, click here to sign-up for the projects and […]

Blogging Transition

Well, it has been a little over a week now since Laura and I have been back in the USA. Its been a literal whirlwind of activity. So far, here is what is has looked like: -Arrive on 20 June; -23-25th- Look for apartments and visit ones we found online; -25th- Sign on new apartment; […]

Seriously Good Conversations

Since I am not sure how often I am going to have wifi, I am going to post a end of the week SGC. I am squatting on wifi at panera bread mostly. Corey Hau’s ‘Sanity Amongst the Concrete’. Phyllis Tickle’s ‘Pagans and Patriarchs’. Per Caritatem’s ‘Begbie on Music as an Outpouring of Love’ Prodigal […]

Apple=Community Part 2

So a few weeks back I posted a video about Apple culture. Well now, even more of what we-who-love Apple suspected is proving true according to Josh Brown. Josh recently posted this blog about Apple culture in which he described the sense of relief with retail-that-works-for-good and a memorial service (of sorts) for one of […]

Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton wrote: “If you imagine the solitary as “one” who has numerically isolated himself from “many others,” who has simply gone out of the crowd to hang up his individual number on a rock in the desert, and there to receive messages denied to the many, you have a false and demonic solitude. The true […]

NT Wright and Colbert

(ht: nicholas) Well there you go, NT with Colbert. For those of you internationally, you’ll probably remember him from his time on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I do have to be honest though, it feels a bit weird. The awkwardness of the interview at times is a little odd and the language was […]

Safe and sound

Laura and I arrived safely into Atlanta. We are currently staying with Josh & Anna. Be back in touch soon, especially about the recent news of Tiger’s season ending surgery. Oh, and did I mention he is an absolute beast?! Take care. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Joshua Tweet Send to Facebook

Possibly a final blog..from this side of the ocean!

HI to all. This is just a quick note that I will be away from internet until I get to ATL on Friday. The past few weeks have been quite a ride. More stories and lessons to share than I could have imagined. Also, as of tomorrow, no cell phone. Please stay in touch via […]

From Sunday to Monday- Still, Tiger Wins!

The US Open is the only championship event which has a 18 hole playoff should the event be tied after the fourth round. Of course, by now, you should have seen Tiger hole this put for birdie to force the playoff today: After 18 holes (which he holed another birdie on 18 to force the […]

Another Tiger Sunday!

After three days of pain and up-and-down play, Tiger Woods is in the lead at the 2008 US Open. Here is video highlighting the third round. Especially his ‘eagles’: As you will see from the video (starting about the 3min mark) he truly has energized the sport. Even if you are not into golf, you […]