Let us begin!! Let us unite!!

(just a taste of the speech. but it is worth listening to)
As everyone should have seen by now, Obama has clinched the nomination for President from the Democratic party. This means that he will becoming the first African American to receive the backing of a major party in American history.
I am a bit hesitant to blog too much right now; especially in light of Hillary Clinton’s comments about Bobby Kennedy being killed in June, and her unwillingness to concede defeat. I am also a bit hesitant to blog too much about speculations on the running mate. However, one thing is clear, Hillary would love to be the running mate. But can he trust her?
However, I am proud. Proud that I’ve been able to watch as Americans have taken some pretty bold steps to unite behind a vision that can bring real change to the country and to the image of America abroad. As much as anything, I think Obama’s nomination is an exciting thing to be returning to America for. Because of Obama, many people are saying that Georgia (where I’ll live) which has voted traditionally Republican, is now a swing state and could back Obama. Let us see!
And finally, not for the last time, here is ‘Yes, We Can!’

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